Peach Cobbler!


The weather has been so blah. It hasn’t been cold or too rainy, but just so dreary outside. Perfect lazy weather! So, I decided to whip up some warm gooey Peach Cobbler to make the day a little better. I mean why not? We are all huge fans of anything that pairs well with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. You can definitely tell that from my past entries. This Peach Cobbler is simple and so so good!


I read over at least 15 different recipes until I came across this one. The reviews described it as the perfect soul food. I couldn’t pass it up after reading that! Anything that sounds like it comes from my grandma’s kitchen has got to be amazing! Let me tell you, this Peach Cobbler was all that.

I was always the kid that picked out the peaches in cobbler and only ate the breading. Now that I’m a bit older, I do enjoy a few sweet peaches. This recipe called for three cans of sliced peaches in light syrup. I only used two cans, and that was quite a bit! Next time I might just double the breading as well. In all, this recipe was a winner!

get this recipe at:


One thought on “Peach Cobbler!

  1. Thank you for choosing mom’s recipe, Serena! 🙂 Mom passed away about six months after I posted that entry, but she was kinda proud of the fact that some of her recipes would be available for others to see from around the world. Thanks again.


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